What to Bring

What to Bring for Swamp Trompin’ Camping Fun

Sleeping Gear:
*Although it is the dry season here in south Florida, it is always good to be prepared for rain. Winds are usually low to minimum in the winter.
-tent with stakes and rainfly or tarp (if just using a tarp mosquito netting is highly advised)
-sleeping pad
-sleeping bag (it most likely won’t get below freezing, a higher temp/lighter sleeping bag is better)
Clothing Gear:
-light spring/summer clothes (for you northerners) such as shorts and t-shirts
-light jackets and pants for the evenings and hikes for leg protection
-sneakers or sandals (footwear that you can easily take off. Sneakers do better in muck/swamp than sandals or boots)
-light socks
-rain jacket/ rain pants
-We will be providing three meals a day starting from the first day on wed Feb 19. With that, keep in mind that you might want snacks for in between meals

-bug spray/repellant
-suntan lotion
-persynal first aid kit
If you will be climbing:
 -Boots or shoes with hard soles are ideal, especially for beginners.
-comfortable clothes with little to no dangly items
-leave jewelry behind
-something to tie long hair back and keep eye-glasses secure
Items to make your trip more exciting:
Binoculars for wildlife viewing. (Click here for a link to birds in the area)
canew or kayak
 What not to bring: drugs, exotic snakes you are hoping to let loose in the swamp (seriously, there are like 40,000 pythons out in the Everglades), domesticated animals that will impact the local wildlife (meaning don’t bring your dog unless they’ve fought gators), oppressive behavior, cheese in a can,  Whatever you bring in is going out with you so plan and pack well.

2 Responses to What to Bring

  1. steven says:

    Some of us are houseless and so we have no house to leave our cheese in a can at. Is it ok if it’s 3oz or less? No but really I mean we have a dog (a very well behaved dog) and we have to bring her.

    • Hey Hey,

      Yes, we are aware that some folks are houseless and have either rescue
      dogs or no place to put them. Are you going straight to the site? We
      may be able to find housing and pet care for your little loved one(s). Let us know your travel plans and maybe we can help.


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