Everglades Earth First! in the Media

November 7th 2014 Everglades Earth First!ers blockade and stop clearing and construction in the Briger forest with road blockade. Media from from action below:

The New Times

VIDEO: Channel 25 news

Palm Beach Post

VIDEO: Channel 5 News

April 22nd 2014 Everglades Earth First! teams up with Seminole Tribal Members and Independent Traditional Seminole Nation, to hold Protest outside of Labelle County Courthouse where Hendry County Commission meets and holds the power to stop the FPL project:

VIDEO: Interview with Fox 4

VIDEO: Interview with Frank Billie-Seminole Tribal Member

VIDEO: Interview from NBC2 with Dannie Billie-Independent Traditional Seminole Nation

April 4th 2014– New Times Announces Earth Day Rally Against the FPL Power Plant in the Everglades

Feb 24th 2014- VIDEO: Everglades Earth First! blockades the entrance to Florida Power and Light Headquarters

Jan 31st 2014 Solidarity Rally with MICATS (Michigan Coalition Against Tar Sands) against Citibank who funds Endbridge, the corporation building tar sands pipelines through Michigan.

2012 RNC Everglades VIDEO: Earth First! blockades TECO coal fire Power plant in Tampa, FL

2009 independent footage of one of the largest Cypress trees in the Barley Barber Swamp.

Barley Barber Campaign: Access to Barley Barber Swamp was closed by Florida Power & Light following September 11, 2001.  The nearbly Martin County Power Plant, the largest fossil fuel plant in the United States, uses so much water from the Florida aquifer that it is literally sucking the swamp dry from below.  This is some of the only footage of this all but forgotten old growth cypress swamp and the oldest cypress tree in Florida. In 2011 FPL re-opened the swamp to the public giving guided boardwalk tours. The power plant however continues to slowly kill the swamp.

February 2008 EEF! Blockades Construction of one of the Largest Fossil Fuel Power Plants in the so-called US

Radio Report

2008 Rally Against the West County Energy Center Construction

Earth First!

Debates on tactics which still happen in Earth First! today: E-law conference 1990 with Paul Watson, Derryl Cherney and Judi Bari.




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