The Organizer’s Conference will begin with an  opening ceremony by Houston Cypress whom is a Two-Spirit Media & Events Producer and is of the Otter Clan and Miccosukee Tribe. Time: Wednesday, February 19 at 9 am.

Sample Schedule for each day:

8AM~ Breakfast
9AM~ Morning Circle
10AM~ Workshops
12PM~ Lunch

2014 List of Confirmed Workshops

*This will be updated frequently

Bio-regional Roundup  

This is where folks get together with others from their bio-region and discuss the issues they have been facing and fighting.  After discussing with each other, they get together and provide a reportback to the group at large.

What is EF!

An induction to what defines Earth First! with discussion.

Deep ecology

An intro and longer discussions on the tenants of deep ecology.

Workshops for Kids:

Including plant walks, nature awareness, and survival skills

Collective Liberation 101

An introduction to terms and concepts and the ways in which oppression is wielded by the state and capitalism.

Direct Action Training 101

An introduction to technical and non-technical blockades with quick looks into campaign strategy, action logic, security culture and organizational models.  What is Direct Action? How has it been used?

Basic & Intermediate Tree Climbing

Tree  climbing techniques have been the backbone for tree sitting and occupied banner hangs amongst other actions for decades. Training in this will include the very basics to get you off the ground from gear inspection, ascent, mid-line descent, platform entry, traversing and maybe even more.

Two Spirit Then & Now: Reclaiming Our Place of Honor

Decolonizing sex & Gender within Native & Indigenous communities is an on-going process of self-empowerment.  We are unearthing secrets that were hidden to protect them. Whether out of love or hatred, the effect is the same: a world diminished. This work restores our embrace of genders outside the binary model.

Even Faster! Even Further! (EF! EF!)

Earth First! Obstacle course! The goal of the workshop is  to encourage folks to feel comfortable running in the woods, and get folks excited about staying in shape and build camaraderie through fun and physical exertion.

Reading Group with excerpts about identity politics + ways forward

Reading and discussions of “Ain’t no pc gonna fix it baby”, “the problem with privilege”, and “escalating identity”

Movement Goals Discussion

What are our immediate goals and strategizing as a movement on how to get there.

Know Yr Rights

This will be a basic introduction into the rights of protesters and direct action scenarios.

Starting Fires

.. literally. If you havn’t played with fire much in your life, and even if you have, this skillshare is for you! The ability to quickly build a successful fire in any weather condition is a worthy skill for many reasons, and takes practice. We will learn the fire plants of the southern panhandle, and set ourselves individual or group fire challenges based on our experience level.

Trans and Womyn’s Self Defense Workshop

This is a workshop open to trans* and/or womyn folk only to create a safe(r) space/learning environment in a hands-on workshop. In the workshop people will learn basic self defense skills for real life situations.

Digital Security For Luddites

“A workshop on computers for those who hate them. Includes a brief overview of how the internet works, explanations of digital security methods and additional resources to help you become a certified cyberpunk. Best of all, this workshop is presented without the aid of computers or robots.”

The Growing Threat: The Future of Forests & Genetically Engineered  Trees

Genetically Engineered trees pose an enormous risk to the bio-diverse forests of the southeastern US. The spread of GE trees for use in industrial monoculture plantations for timber, pulp and bioenergy is quickly advancing. GE trees like the highly invasive, flammable eucalyptus are being pushed as ‘climate solutions’ despite the enormous human health risks. Native pine and poplar are being engineered to replace more conventional varieties running the risk of genetic contamination, herbicide producing trees and increased plantations. Come learn about the important work being done to stop this threat and what you can do to join this global fight to protect forest biodiversity.

Genetically Engineered Trees Strategy Meeting

This will be a meeting for folks who are interested in organizing against GE trees. We will be discussing strategies and ways to plug in to this fight.

Earth First! Report Back from the Frontlines PANEL

Earth First!ers fighting different industries speak out on their struggles

Frank Billie and the Seminole Tribe’s Fight against the Fossil Fuel Infrastructure

Next Era (Florida Power and Light) is planning on building one of the largest fossil fuel power plants in the country right next to the Seminole Big Cypress Reservation in Hendry County, Florida. Frank Billie will present on the issues of the power plant, what folks are doing to fight it and how others can plug in.

“Rise with the Sun”- Movement Analysis with Sun Tzu’s “the Art of War”

Relating “The Art of War” to the EF! movement

Direct Action Media

Come learn the hot tips and tricks to getting awesome media during direct actions!


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