No FPL in the Everglades!

Why we must fight
FPL calls their plan the “Hendry County Clean Energy Center.” This is a greenwashing lie. To give some examples, the plant will:

  • Use up to 22 million gallons of water a day
  • Release millions of tons of pollution in into the air and water
  • Harm the health of neighboring Seminole communities
  • destroy habitat of the Florida panther

A coalition of groups including the Seminole Tribe, the Independent Seminole Nation, Sierra Club, Everglades Earth First!, Save Our Creeks, and others have joined together to support the Tribe’s lawsuit against rezoning the land and to build a groundswell of grassroots opposition to this power plant.

Simultaneously, there is a movement growing to oppose the new FPL gas pipeline which would cross Florida from north to south and is needed to fuel such a massive plant.

More on the Sabal Trail pipeline:

We hope you will join this movement to bring down FPL’s energy empire!


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