EEF! is a non-hierarchical direct action group dedicated to the defense of the remaining wild lands of the Everglades bioregion. We seek to build relationships with any community struggling for environmental justice and stand in solidarity with those fighting against environmental racism. We recognize that before the unjust colonization by European settlers the land that comprises the Everglades bio-region supported a diversity of life including complex ecosystems and autonomous indigenous communities.

As an Earth First! group, we are committed to three underlying principles:

  • DIRECT ACTION: EEF! uses all tools in the toolbox from petition gathering to direct confrontation with destroyers of the Everglades. Since 2007, EEF! has used tactics such as road blockades, tree sits, lockdowns, protests and other means to protect the everglades and raise awareness.

  • NO COMPROMISE: EEF! will not negotiate or enter into any agreement with developers, the state, or any other entity which would force us to compromise our biocentric philosophy.

  • BIOCENTRISM:     “Deep ecology, or biocentrism, is the belief that nature does not exist to     serve humans. Rather, humans are part of nature, one species among many. All species have a right to exist for their own sake, regardless of their usefulness to humans. And biodiversity is a value in itself, essential for the flourishing of both human and nonhuman life.”  Judi Bari –Revolutionary Ecology

Commitment to Anti-Oppression: “We define oppressive behavior as any conduct that demeans, marginalizes, rejects, threatens or harms any living being on the basis of ability, activist experience, age, class/income level, cultural background, education, ethnicity, gender, immigration status, language, nationality, physical appearance, race, religion, self-expression, sexual orientation, species, status as a parent or other such factors. Oppressive behavior comes in a wide variety of forms, from seemingly harmless jokes to threats of violence, from interrupting to verbal abuse, from unwanted touching to rape, from hitting to murder. Some forms are more extreme and irreparable than others, but all are unacceptable under this anti-oppression policy.” From EF!J


One Response to Mission

  1. Keep fighting the good fight!

    Organization like the Sierra Club and the Audubon Society have totally sold out in so many ways. Although they make me sick to my stomach sometimes, they do some good things so at least something is better than nothing and you have to give them credit for that. But the environmental movement needs to start being much more uncompromising and you guys are a beacon of of hope for that trend to develop.

    The challenge is getting society to change it’s priorities and put the health of our biosphere at the top. But modern conveniences are very seductive and most people don’t want to live a simple organic lifestyle. Not to mention, with the world’s population where it is right now, that’s not even feasible anymore.

    The Ship of Imagination is a direct action project to demonstrate we already have much of the technology we need to live a modern lifestyle in harmony with the environment. We just need to change our priorities in how we develop and apply technology.

    We should always put the Earth first in every decision. I really admire your efforts to do that. But there’s nothing wrong with having a good time and a little fun along the way too and I believe it helps sell the message to unbelievers.


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