2014 EF! OC & Rondy

Announcing Earth First! Winter Organizer's Conference and Rendezvous in South Florida Feb 19-24th 2013 Everglades Earth First! is excited to be hosting the Earth First! Organizer’s Conference and Winter Rendezvous, February 19 – 24! For those of you who attended the last OC, remember how cold southern Ohio was? Well don’t fret, the 2014 OC will be held in the sunny subtropics, in the swamps, the land of the alligator and the gar, the cypress, the slash pines—the area known by its colonizers as Florida. Panthers, hand sized spiders, bird sized mosquitoes, saw grass, palmettos, pythons—its the one and only Everglades!

The Winter Organizer’s Conference and Rendezvous (Winter OC and Rondy) serve a few purposes. The OC gives the EF! movement a space to do some internal analyzing, networking, and planning for future steps. The OC gives our local community a chance to highlight our strengths, current outreach and organizing. The Rondy part makes space for action training, storytelling of past campaigns and actions as well as an exciting array of workshops, skill shares, and discussions.

The exact location will be fisheating creek. Please visit our directions page for ways to get there.

For promotion in your community – 11x 17 poster

quarter sheet front back

If you’d like to facilitate one of these or any other workshops/skill shares/discussions please email: evergladesearthfirst@riseup.net

A partial list of workshop/skill share/discussion topics:


Deconstructing Colonialism

Workshops for Kids

Plant & Bird Walks

Earth Skills

Movement Strategy

Direct Action

Direct Action Media



The Threat of GE trees

Intro to Earth First!

Digital Security for Luddites

Intro to Earth First!

P.S. As always no dogs allowed. Any dogs brought might seriously get eaten by gators. But seriously this Rondy a dog bit a kid in the face so don’t bring your face-biting dog.


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