Bobby Julien Gets His Day in Court


Anyone who has been following Everglades Earth First! or taken part in any of our action camps and many of our protests over the past few years knows that we have been working tirelessly to help save the Briger Forest from decimation. You hopefully also know that the biggest culprit in this decimation is Kolter Homes, which is run by our good friend Bobby Julien, who has been the target of much of our (and the gopher tortoise’s) ire. Bobby Julien is a blood sucking capitalist and has been systematically destroying the Briger Forest—killing endangered and threatened species, trees, plant life, and anything else that gets in his way—for the sake of fattening his already bloated bank account. What a lot of people don’t know, however, is that Julien and his unscrupulous company also do shoddy work once they’re done destroying whatever wildlife they can get their disgusting machines on.

Jury selection began today (September 27th) in a case that pits Kolter Signature Homes against the dozens of people living in San Matera in Palm Beach Gardens. In fact, so many people are suing Julien and Kolter that a specially modified courtroom in Delray Beach was needed to fit everyone. Bobby has been through nearly 30 lawyers in his attempts to hide from responsiblity, but none of them have been able to offer much help. Lord only knows what happens to these lawyers once Julien is finished with them.

Julien preyed on the unsuspecting plantiffs who purchased condos in Palm Beach Gardens. The condos began falling apart almost immediately and Julien instructed his employees to do nothing. Now, years later, much of the massive structural damage remains unfixed, resulting in leaking windows and sliding glass doors every time in rains, which happens quite a bit in South Florida. Condo owners have already spent over two million dollars on repairs and want that money back. If fact, they’re suing Kolter for $36 million!


Julien tried to pass the blame along and distract his victims by suing a number of subcontractors that his company hired to do work. However, judges have ruled that Kolter cannot shirk responsibility quite so easily. Julien also tried to create a Delaware based corporation to take some of the heat off of him, but this slick move was as unable to cover up the corruption like his big house and fancy cars fail to hide the giant hole in his soul.

Although EEF! is having some trouble figuring out exactly where in Delray Beach the court proceedings are being held, surely Bobby would love to have visitors at his home before or after heading in to work for the day. Everyone knows that getting the light shined on your sociopathic ways can be draining, and we’re sure Bobby will welcome supporters showing up at 1601 N Ocean Blvd, in beautiful Delray Beach. If you’re not sure when he’ll be leaving, or you’d like to offer to car pool, or have a reccomendation for heavy duty soap to get the blood off of his hands, call him up at 561-330-0804.

We also encourage anyone who is living at any other Kolter built properties—especially Alton in Jupiter—to not be afraid to let ol’ Bobby know of any and all dissatisfaction with your current living situations.

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