Reportback: June 11 Noise Demo for Prisoner Solidarity, Ft. Lauderdale


June 11 is the International Day of Solidarity with Marius Mason and All Eco-Prisoners. To show our solidarity with eco-prisoners and prisoners everywhere, the Earth First! Journal and Everglades Earth First! invited folks out to a noise demonstration in front of Broward County Jail in downtown Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.




Banging drums and buckets in ad-hoc polyrhythms, bellowing through a trombone, squeezing feedback from a megaphone, furiously tooting airhorns, and singing “Fire, fire to the priiiisons!” about fifteen anti-state environmentalists spent two hours making noise for inmates through the gates and windows that keep them inside. Prisoners banged along with us as we chanted “Free them all!” and howled in solidarity with Marius Mason, Justin Solondz, Abdul Haqq, Joseph Buddenberg, Brian Vaillancourt, Fran Thompson, and everyone else held inside a prison, jail, detention center, or cage.


Throughout the demo, police cars arrived to drop newly-arrested captives of the state behind the jail’s gates, and each time the crowd of protesters met the cops with shouts of “Shame!” and “Blood on your hands!” Arrestees in handcuffs shouted and cheered at their welcome party before being dragged inside.


A big thanks to folks from South Florida Food Not Bombs and South Florida Smash HLS, and everyone else who joined us in the streets! And thanks to everyone who acted in solidarity with prisoners this June 11, from those in DC fighting toxic prisons to those in Bloomington attacking a probation office, and everyone in between.


Until the end of the prison society, and the liberation of the wild,
—Some Swamp Anarchists

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