Yes, We’re Still Protesting Kolter!

After a bit of a break, on June 2 enthused Everglades Earth First! rebels returned to Kolter’s West Palm Beach offices to remind the development firm of the atrocities it and its subsidiaries are committing in the Briger Forest.

crowd and cop


Kolter is currently clearing the eastern side of the Briger Forest, much of which they have already chewed up and spit out in the form of Alton Homes, a gopher tortoise burial ground and a scab on the already pockmarked face of South Florida—a scab that needs the deep picking of a sharp fingernail. Now, as a recent South Florida Water Management District permit reminds us, Kolter is anxious to bulldoze the western side of the forest as well, and the company plans to replace the rare biodiversity with far-less-rare creatures: cookie-cutter houses and artificial lakes.

group vocals.JPG

Outraged by the current and planned destruction, a ragtag crew of dedicated direct-actionistas brought the noise to Kolter’s offices with shouts, howls, and the banging of kitchenware. For over an hour the downtown avenues echoed with chants of blood and shame, causing some Kolter employees to close window blinds and temporarily abandon computer monitors. Police cars sat and watched, releasing your burnt tax dollars from their idling exhaust pipes.

We know that shouting outside of Kolter’s offices is not likely to stop them from killing endangered species for money. But we stand face-to-face with Kolter because resistance is a necessity. The plants, animals, and mycelium currently living autonomously inside of what remains of the Briger Forest are screaming for justice, and the least we can do is amplify their voices towards Kolter’s deaf and miserable ears. What we really need is a mass movement of people saying: NO MORE DEVELOPMENT! NO MORE DEFORESTATION! NO MORE ECOCIDE! YES TO CONSERVATION! YES TO BIODIVERSITY! YES TO LIFE!

You don’t have to be a kitchen pot-banging wingnut to help defend the forest. Please, reach out to us if you’re interested in protecting this vital stretch of Earth from utter devastation.

evergladesearthfirst [at] riseup [dot] net

More pictures from the protest:

trombone amplify

wannabe cops flexing their power


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