South Florida BlackRock Protesters Expose Company’s Ties to Animal Testing


Friday, April 1, 2016, people from across South Florida protested outside of BlackRock’s Palm Beach offices at 249 Royal Palm Way, demanding the investment company stop profiting from the torture and captivity of animals. BlackRock owns $125 million dollars of shares in Skanska, the construction company currently building an underground animal testing facility at the University of Washington. With Skanska’s shareholder’s meeting coming up, protesters were determined to put pressure on all those who have a say in the completion of this disgusting project.


The fifteen activists held signs and banners and chanted into BlackRock’s corporate courtyard promising that there will be no peace or rest until the company cuts its ties with animal tests. The group included members of Everglades Earth First!, Smash HLS, Animal Activist Network, and The Fellow Travelers, joining forces in support of captive animals.

Police attempted to distract the protesters from their goal, shutting down megaphone use, refusing to cooperate with requests for statute numbers, and detaining one protester for a time. The protester ended up not being charged with a crime, and the group was not deterred.


A new chant was also created at the protest:

Call: In an industry that kills,

Response: Test your drugs on corporate shill!

At the end of the demo, activists were determined to return to BlackRock, again and again, until they stop cashing paychecks written in the blood of tortured creatures.

We hope to see you at the next one! And keep an eye on this campaign at

For the Wild,
Everglades Earth First!


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