FPL Power Plant Protest & Amendments to Petition

At a meeting held on Wednesday the 9th , the Hendry County Commission postponed 4 public hearings on Florida Power and Light’s (FPL’s)  proposal to build a power plant next to the Big Cypress Seminole Reservation. An hour before the meeting started, locals, impacted community members and EEF!ers protested outside the commission chambers against the proposal of the power plant. The meeting  been postponed to April 12th 2016 at 5PM at the same address 115 Ventura Ave.

This is the same FPL that currently has illegal and noisy construction of pipes traveling through the Indian River Lagoon and a nuclear power plant in Turkey Point that is leaking tritium amongst a slew of other violations polluting Biscayne bay. They are currently facing lawsuits over Turkey Point.

Back in Hendry County, things have changed with the proposal drastically. The natural gas portion of the power plant is no longer on the table, at least for this time around. FPL is still working to get a zoning change to the area to do an industrial scale solar project.

It is pretty critical to note that just because the natural gas portion has been dropped, and the language in the amendments declare that no alternations to the solar site can occur for 10 years, that does not mean it is completely dropped. This solar project, if approved and the zoning changes made, may be the gateway FPL is looking for, for a natural gas dependent Florida and a poisoned everglades.

Sam Tommie, Seminole tribal member spoke to the council demanding that they do not go forward with the project.

Another indigenous women named Nicole  was visibly upset as she approached the podium to address the Commissioners as she explained that this shouldn’t even be an issue discussed. She reminded the commission that they tried already to rezone the area and had to revoke the rezoning after the Seminole Tribe won a lawsuit against the County over the rezoning.

See the documents submitted to the Hendry County Commission on the power plant for this meeting at this and this link.

Next hearing date April 12th 2016 5PM. 115 W. Ventura Ave.

Brings signs, noise makers and a passion to stop the proposal!

For news articles on the issue see links below:



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