Announcing the Week of Resistance!

WoR flyer side 1
Everglades Earth First! is excited to host a Week of Resistance starting Friday, November 27th ending with a mass demonstration organized by the Palm Beach County Environmental Coalition on Saturday, December 5th. Join us as we continue the Scrap Scripps/Save the Briger Forest campaign: resist corporations in the Everglades bioregion that destroy wild spaces to build upscale housing, and biotechnology—including animal testing laboratories.

During this week we will focus on cross movement building across South Florida in addition to working on our forest defense campaign. As of now we have dates set with South Florida Smash HLS—an animal liberation group based out of Miami that is fighting monkey-torturing company Worldwide Primates—and Fort Lauderdale Food Not Bombs, who share vegan and vegetarian food publicly to protest war and poverty.

WoR flyer side 2Details such as accommodations and schedule will be made available to those who register and are accepted to participate in the week with us. We will be accepting applications now until November 26th. Please register here!

For more information:

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