Announcing: Fight or Flight Tour

Please make time to attend this tour coming to  Florida July 22nd~24th. Reposted from 

This summer, The Bunny Alliance, Resistance Ecology, and the Earth First! Journal present the Fight or Flight Tour, a collaborative nationwide tour with three distinct objectives: 1) to intensify The Bunny Alliance’s campaign against Delta Air Lines and the broader Gateway to Hell campaign to end the transport of animals to labs, 2) to share skills and build connections within the grassroots animal and ecological activist movements, and 3) to promote coalition building and solidarity with a diversity of movements and communities.

To increase the mounting pressure on Delta concerning the airline’s intimate relationship with Air France and the transport of animals to labs, the Fight or Flight Tour will hold protests at Delta airports, cargo offices, laboratories, and the houses of board members and executives. We will bring the campaign home to Delta with a large protest at their corporate headquarters, as well as work with local, national and independent media to place Delta’s involvement in animal testing in the public eye.

Tour stops will also include activism workshops, tailored to the needs and interests of each community. General workshop topics will include information about the international effort to end the transport of animal to labs, strategic and effective campaigning, protest tactics, and strengthening inner and cross-movement relationships. Through support from the Civil Liberties Defense Center, the workshops will also feature a collection of legal topics including “know your rights” trainings, security culture basics, tips for doing legal research, and legal observer trainings.

In addition to this tour being about the demonstrations and workshops hosted by the touring organizations, this tour was hatched from the desire to empower grassroots activism through meaningful cross-movement solidarity. We want to work with other groups involved in social justice work and provide support in the forms they desire; to build bridges between animal liberation and environmental activists; to start friendships that can grow into powerful alliances; to talk face-to-face with others and embrace what it means to build connections in real life rather than online; and exchange skills and stories of experience among activists.

We invite you to join us. Not to just support the work we are doing, but to work with us in turning grassroots activism into a force powerful enough to protect the earth and its inhabitants.    

Tour Schedule

June 27th – 29th: Portland, OR (Resistance Ecology Conference)

June 30th: Eugene, OR

July 1st – 8th: Southern Oregon (Earth First! Round River Rendezvous)

July 9th: Bay Area

July 10th – 14th: Los Angeles, CA (Animal Rights National Conference)

July 15th: Phoenix and Tucson, AZ

July 16th: Dallas, TX

July 17th: San Antonio, TX

July 18th: Alice, TX

July 19th – 20th: Houston, TX

July 21st: New Orleans

July 22nd – 24th: South Florida

July 26th – 28th: Atlanta, GA

July 29th – July 30th: Cincinnati, OH

July 31st – August 2nd: St. Louis, MO

August 4th: South Dakota

August 5th – 6th: Denver, CO

August 7th – 9th: Salt Lake City, UT

August 11th: Missoula, MT

August 12th: Moscow, ID

August 20th: Vancouver, BC

August 22th: Seattle, WA

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