Petitions to Save Panther Habitat

#5  Lynch05 crop Spoonbill Stop Oil Drilling and Oppose Powerlines in the Everglades

Signing petitions fails when it is the extent of the opposition. But they can still be safe and inclusive tools to spread knowledge on pending infrastructure projects.  By logging dissent into public records, organized opposition is recorded.  If the time comes for direct action we will have once again exhausted the legal means for dissent and demonstrated the failings of the system again on this particular issue, setting the stage for extralegal action.

Our friends at the Center for Biological Diversity have two different petitions regarding fights here in Florida. The first regards Florida Power and Light’s (FPL) proposal to build high-voltage power lines through Everglades National Park from the Turkey Point Nuclear Plant. Read more and send your message to the National Park Service here.

The second petition regards the proposed Class II (oil drilling waste only) Injection Well in panther habitat. Read more and send a comment to the EPA here.

A map of all Flordia Class I and Class V Injection Wells can be found here


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2 Responses to Petitions to Save Panther Habitat

  1. says:

    Come on people! Stand up for our rights for clean air,water , foods! Stop big all Oil now! Solar wind methane! Peace! Love not fear!

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