EVENT: Issues of the Everglades Sat Feb 8th


                         ~Houston Cypress~                     

Miccosukee Perspectives & Priorities for Everglades Restoration

~Matthew Schwartz~
South Florida Wildlands Association
Cat on a Collision Course: the future of the FL Panther
~Sammuel Tommie~
Director of Short Film: IN OUR CREATOR’S HANDS

Houston Cypress, Two-Spirit Media & Events Producer of the Otter Clan and Miccosukee Tribe. Houston’s Facebook page on his social movement group, “Love the Everglades”, says the following:

There is only ONE Everglades in the world and it is Dying. Although efforts by federal, state, and local governments are underway to mitigate the legacy of destruction brought on by past follies, there is much more that needs to be done and quickly before it is too late. We the residents of South Florida are joining together in a unified voice to make our mantra heard: “We LOVE THE EVERGLADES. The Everglades must be saved, and we will pool our efforts to make sure this is SO.

Matt Schwartz is Executive Director of South Florida Wildlands Association (SFWA), a small non-profit dedicated to the preservation of wildlife and habitat in the Greater Everglades. Matt speaks and writes frequently on Everglades topics, and his conservation work has been featured in many local and national newspapers, as well as radio and television.  Originally from Brooklyn, NY he credits his early years fishing in metropolitan waters for his dedication to the protection of local ecosystems.  

Samuel Tommie, Bird clan, Seminole Tribal citizen. Born in the middle of the river of grass in the Florida Everglades, Samuel was raised in Traditional River lifestyle. At age five he moved with his family to Big Cypress Seminole Reservation where he now resides. Samuel Tommie is a multi-talented artist and enjoys independent filmmaking. His main focus is to promote saving Great Creator’s gift, the Florida Everglades.

This film is about a personal journey through the wilderness of Big Cypress Seminole Reservation at a time when FP&L is aiming to destroy the heart of South Florida. To quote Tommie:

Such a journey, with only a camera and no weapons helps me to reconnect to nature, wildlife and my people of the past, my grandparents and their grandparents. I stand to protect Great Creator’s gift to my future generations, for it is their heritage, culture and their God given Right. 

When: February 8th 2014

Where: The Quaker Meeting House, Lake Worth, FL 823 N A. St

Time: 1:00 pm to 4:00 p.m.

Cost: Event is free, refreshments will be served. Donations welcome.

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