Happy Birthday Marie Mason!

Please Write a Letter to Get her Moved Closer to Family and Friends
Today, Marie Mason will sadly be spending her 51st year in prison. Her spirit and motivation is an inspiration for all of us to keep fighting and never forget those whom the state has stolen from us. Marie is currently serving a 22 year sentence for two acts of property destruction which were motivated by the need to defend the wild. Made and example of, Marie is unjustly serving the longest sentence in US history as an environmental activist.
From the website movemarie.com: Marie Mason is a mother and musician. She continues to be persecuted by the Bureau of Prisons solely for her political beliefs, unjustly transferred to a high security prison far from friends and family. Please write a letter to the BOP for Marie!

Reposted from the website:

Marie’s birthday is January 26. Please send her a card and brighten her day! She loves to get mail from supporters and can receive mail from anyone — although she is limited in how many people she can write back. Some ideas include:

* Photos of the wild you find inspiring
* Poetry
* Cards (handmade are always great)
* Letters
* Notes of support

Be sure to check the guidelines here for the details on what is allowed/not allowed, especially when creating handmade cards. You may also want to include her name and prisoner number on the card in case it get separated from the envelope during processing.

Letter writing events are always welcome, although please note that her support team is considering the next step and there will probably be a call for public events in the upcoming months. We hopefully will have a rewritten, redesigned tri-fold informational brochure available for events by Marie’s birthday, so let us know if you would like some shipped to you.

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