Red Warrior Tour Comes Through Lake Worth Feb 22nd


Red Warrior and MAMA Ride for Resistance
Feb 22nd 7-9PM
At the Friends Quaker Meeting House
823 N. A St., Lake Worth, FL 33460

Indigenous water protectors from the Red Warrior Society and the Mothers Against Meth Alliance (M.A.M.A.) will be touring the East coast as part of the Ride for Resistance Tour.

The Red Warrior Society is made up of indigenous water protectors who were part of the Red Warrior Camp at Standing Rock, the first camp to utilize direct action to resist construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The Mothers Against Meth Alliance has been fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline from the very beginning, while also fighting meth addiction on the Pine Ridge reservation.

Everglades Earth First! and the Friends Quaker Meeting House are honored to be partnering with these groups to bring this tour to the Southeast. This is an amazing opportunity to hear from frontline water protectors who continuously put their bodies on the line to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.

A suggested donation is $5-$15 but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. You can also PayPal to support the tour.

The main goal of the 2017 Ride for Resistance East Coast Tour is to help MAMA secure funding and resources for a Safe House on Pine Ridge. The Safe House would serve 3 main purposes: (1) To house her and her family who are currently experiencing housing insecurity. (2) To provide safe space for children and women impacted by violence from drugs and alcohol. (3) Serve as a place of operations for the many important programs that MAMA operates. The work that Julz and her family do is extremely dangerous, she has faced violent lash back from both the state as well as drug dealers and users. As sister Julz says, “If we don’t do it, who will?”

Speaker Bios:

Julee “Julz” Rich is an Oglala Lakota mother and grandmother. She descended from a long line of warriors and is the founder of the Mothers Against Meth Alliance (MAMA) out of Pine Ridge. MAMA is a non-institutionally backed grassroots organization that works directly with and for the people. Julz organizes educational and prevention workshops in schools, jails, and community spaces. She has worked to expose dealers and bust up meth houses on her reservation. She also offers safe rides for youth at night and provides them with somewhere to go if their home is unsafe due to the impacts of meth and alcohol. A primary part of her work is highlighting the connections between the oil and gas industry and violence against Indigenous peoples ––such as the ways that Man Camps bring meth, alcohol, sexual violence, and trafficking of indigenous women. Julz Rich is a matriarch of the Red Warrior Society, her and her family have been protecting Standing Rock and fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline full-time since August of ‘16. Julz has been using her time at Standing Rock coordinating and taking part in Direct Actions as well as advocating on behalf of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Two Spirits. She has also vowed to stop the KXL pipeline from crossing her lands.

Victor Puertas is a member of the Yagua nation in so-called Peru. He is a fierce land and water protector who has been active in direct action mobilization against tar sands mining in Ute territory/Utah and has provided sustained solidarity to Lakota, Diné and other indigenous, anti-colonial and anti-border imperialist struggles. When the call was put out to defend Standing Rock he answered immediately and showed up to the frontlines where he has been ever since. He is one of the founding members of Red Warrior Society which was born out of Red Warrior Camp, one of the main camps coordinating and leading direct actions against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. He is also a member of the grassroots Indigenous led media and educational project, Reclaim Turtle Island. A focal point of Victor’s work includes advocating for Direct Action and diversity of tactics to defend sacred land from colonial capitalism.

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URGENT: The Earth First! Journal Collective Needs $80,000 to Stay in Their Home

Please spread this as far and wide as you can. The Earth First! Journal is in desperate need of funding for housing. The owner sold the house they were staying in without even telling them that he put it on the market. Now they need to make a counter offer by 4PM today or if they can’t make the funds, they need to raise whatever they can for a transition into a new home/office. They are trying to raise $80,000. Link to donate:

Exact wording of the Newswire Post:

URGENT: The Earth First! Journal Collective Needs $80,000 to Stay in Our House!

The house that the Earth First! Journal Collective has been renting for about four years in Lake Worth, Florida, has been sold, and we are now in dire need of money to make a counter offer by 4:00 PM today! With enough room and yard space for short and long termers to live and work, which is rare in this city and especially at this price, this house is ideal, and we really want to keep it. Unfortunately, we need at least 80,000 dollars to buy the property. If you have ever thought about making a donation of any amount to the Journal, now is the time!

If it turns out that our counter offer isn’t enough or we have to leave for any other reason, any money we raise now will go towards helping current Collective members transition to a new office situation and find storage space for journals, computers, and other supplies.

We hate to have to ask for so much, and realize that money is tight for a lot of people this time of year, but any contribution you make today could help the Journal thrive for years to come.

If you are planning on making a large donation, please contact us first! If you have questions about donating to this cause, feel free to contact us. Email: collective[at] Phone: (561) 320-3840

Donate here

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Bobby Julien Gets His Day in Court


Anyone who has been following Everglades Earth First! or taken part in any of our action camps and many of our protests over the past few years knows that we have been working tirelessly to help save the Briger Forest from decimation. You hopefully also know that the biggest culprit in this decimation is Kolter Homes, which is run by our good friend Bobby Julien, who has been the target of much of our (and the gopher tortoise’s) ire. Bobby Julien is a blood sucking capitalist and has been systematically destroying the Briger Forest—killing endangered and threatened species, trees, plant life, and anything else that gets in his way—for the sake of fattening his already bloated bank account. What a lot of people don’t know, however, is that Julien and his unscrupulous company also do shoddy work once they’re done destroying whatever wildlife they can get their disgusting machines on.

Jury selection began today (September 27th) in a case that pits Kolter Signature Homes against the dozens of people living in San Matera in Palm Beach Gardens. In fact, so many people are suing Julien and Kolter that a specially modified courtroom in Delray Beach was needed to fit everyone. Bobby has been through nearly 30 lawyers in his attempts to hide from responsiblity, but none of them have been able to offer much help. Lord only knows what happens to these lawyers once Julien is finished with them.

Julien preyed on the unsuspecting plantiffs who purchased condos in Palm Beach Gardens. The condos began falling apart almost immediately and Julien instructed his employees to do nothing. Now, years later, much of the massive structural damage remains unfixed, resulting in leaking windows and sliding glass doors every time in rains, which happens quite a bit in South Florida. Condo owners have already spent over two million dollars on repairs and want that money back. If fact, they’re suing Kolter for $36 million!


Julien tried to pass the blame along and distract his victims by suing a number of subcontractors that his company hired to do work. However, judges have ruled that Kolter cannot shirk responsibility quite so easily. Julien also tried to create a Delaware based corporation to take some of the heat off of him, but this slick move was as unable to cover up the corruption like his big house and fancy cars fail to hide the giant hole in his soul.

Although EEF! is having some trouble figuring out exactly where in Delray Beach the court proceedings are being held, surely Bobby would love to have visitors at his home before or after heading in to work for the day. Everyone knows that getting the light shined on your sociopathic ways can be draining, and we’re sure Bobby will welcome supporters showing up at 1601 N Ocean Blvd, in beautiful Delray Beach. If you’re not sure when he’ll be leaving, or you’d like to offer to car pool, or have a reccomendation for heavy duty soap to get the blood off of his hands, call him up at 561-330-0804.

We also encourage anyone who is living at any other Kolter built properties—especially Alton in Jupiter—to not be afraid to let ol’ Bobby know of any and all dissatisfaction with your current living situations.

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EEF! Pays a Visit to Local Mercenary Office


Six members of Everglades Earth First! trekked twenty miles north this morning, passing the decimated Briger Forest on the way, to join a group of about 20 others to protest security group G4S’s role in providing protection for the perpetrators of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). The weary eyed but determined activists arrived at 1395 University Blvd in Jupiter at 7:30 am, just in time to catch the mercenaries on their way to work. We were told by one of the twelve police officers on the scene that the parking lot and parking garage were private property and we weren’t welcome there. After confronting a half a dozen G4S employees—receiving only dead stares in return—we acquiesced and moved to the sidewalk about 100 feet from their front door.

The corporation felt the pressure enough to send out their communications director, Monica Garcia. Garcia swore G4S had nothing to do with the DAPL, then backtracked to say that they had nothing to do with the events of September 3, before finally admitting that the goons they were paying were in fact in North Dakota on a two week contract, but promised that they only protected parking lots and were unarmed. Garcia did however tell the crowd that she was personally against pipelines and that she couldn’t see her company getting involved with security of the upcoming Sabol Pipeline here in Florida or heading back to North Dakota.


Stragglers were still arriving to work as late as nine o’clock and were visibly shaken by the loud chants of “People, not pipelines” and “We will never compromise,” and the raucous yelling of individual protest-goers. Some of them even made their way back outside, trying to hide in the shadows, no doubt wondering how they became such horrible people.

G4S is an international “security” firm that terrorizes innocent people for profit in over 100 countries in North America, Latin America, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. In addition to ensuring that the land destroyers in North Dakota remain safe, they also help uphold the genocide in Palestine and make sure that juveniles at 32 facilities remain trapped behind bars.

As usual, G4S employees will continue to be hounded by members of EEF! and other local activists until they quit their jobs and do something worthwhile with their lives. Sign-holding protests are only the beginning and G4S need only look at past campaigns to see how far we are willing to go when the Earth is under attack. Stay tuned to this blog and our Facebook page for updates on further events.

G4S can be reached at (800)275-8305

For more information on G4S, check out this article from DeSmog Blog




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Weekend of Prisoner Solidarity in “FL” Video Sept 9th-11th 2016

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September 9th Prison Strike Solidarity Demo in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


On Friday, September 9, protesters with Black Lives Matter Alliance Broward, South Florida Food Not Bombs, Everglades Earth First!, and more, gathered for a two-hour noise demonstration at the Broward County Main Jail in downtown Ft. Lauderdale to show solidarity with the prison strikes taking place across the country. Armed with buckets, whistles, drums, and megaphones, the 30-or-so protesters filled the streets with music, sang songs of solidarity and struggle, and spoke out against incarceration and the police state. Inmates inside gathered at the windows and waved, held up fists, and banged against the glass to the beat of the music. (Click image above for video!)


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Reportback: June 11 Noise Demo for Prisoner Solidarity, Ft. Lauderdale


June 11 is the International Day of Solidarity with Marius Mason and All Eco-Prisoners. To show our solidarity with eco-prisoners and prisoners everywhere, the Earth First! Journal and Everglades Earth First! invited folks out to a noise demonstration in front of Broward County Jail in downtown Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.




Banging drums and buckets in ad-hoc polyrhythms, bellowing through a trombone, squeezing feedback from a megaphone, furiously tooting airhorns, and singing “Fire, fire to the priiiisons!” about fifteen anti-state environmentalists spent two hours making noise for inmates through the gates and windows that keep them inside. Prisoners banged along with us as we chanted “Free them all!” and howled in solidarity with Marius Mason, Justin Solondz, Abdul Haqq, Joseph Buddenberg, Brian Vaillancourt, Fran Thompson, and everyone else held inside a prison, jail, detention center, or cage.


Throughout the demo, police cars arrived to drop newly-arrested captives of the state behind the jail’s gates, and each time the crowd of protesters met the cops with shouts of “Shame!” and “Blood on your hands!” Arrestees in handcuffs shouted and cheered at their welcome party before being dragged inside.


A big thanks to folks from South Florida Food Not Bombs and South Florida Smash HLS, and everyone else who joined us in the streets! And thanks to everyone who acted in solidarity with prisoners this June 11, from those in DC fighting toxic prisons to those in Bloomington attacking a probation office, and everyone in between.


Until the end of the prison society, and the liberation of the wild,
—Some Swamp Anarchists

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